Rennie Walker

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Rennie Walker was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His first novel is the mystic and shamanic fantasy Alba: The Great Dance of Leaving and Returning, the first volume of a series. It is set in the years 839 and 840, in the land that would later be known as Scotland. As a young man he travelled many journeys through the heartland of Alba the Beautiful. He lives in northern California, with his wife Kathleen, and varying numbers of littleCats who have all taught him some lesson about the mystery of this world.

And … as Mora Declaims in Chapter 18 of Alba … “I fight against all rape of Mother EAerth. … The Dances that take me are Woven of Love itself, and were upon the Breast of Mother EAerth before the Time of women and men.”

Namaste! I bow to and honor the Light within you …