Alba – The Story

Alba front cover 250x380Talitha, old and of birdbone body, great healer and the wisest of all, teaches the Weaver Women of Alba the Sacred Dances. She waits for two of her group to join her in Inverness and has sent out the Call to them. One a man and one a woman – who have been lovers before. In a previous life. But they are late, and the time available for their sacred service to Alba grows shorter with each turn of the Moon.

Talitha dances upon the Great Loom itself and sees all Threads that point to the growing dangers. It is the year 839, as the Nazarenes name and tally time. The Kingdom of Alba the Beautiful stands at a crossroads. King Eoghann rules from Inverness and faces threats, from both the Scots kingdom of Dal Riada and the Norse berserkirs. Alba is the last kingdom in all the Brit Islands which is not heartful in its praise of the Nazarene Church, but which still follows the ancient ways. And there are those, as yet unknown to Eoghann and Talitha, weaving plots to change this. Finally and forever.

War seems inevitable and Talitha, and her great boon companion the Golden Boar of Alba – a mysterious and magnificent being whose depthless eyes carry “stars, and shoals of stars, swimming deep in the backlight of its depthless eyes” – prepare the Weaver Women to march by Eoghann’s side in the coming last battle of Alba the Beautiful. But there is much to teach and time may be too short.

Talitha teaches all that she knows of the Sacred Dances to the Weaver Women of Alba the Beautiful – Eo and Enya, Lorna and Lahleain, Deardreaith, Moireaichd … and Mora. And they in turn give Service to King Eoghann, the people of Alba and Mother EAerth Herself. And throughout all the unfolding towards the Last Battle of the Tribe of Alba the Beautiful the Weaver Women feel joy and sorrows, the touch of Love and fire, intuitions and premonitions, and are coursed by dreams from the Golden Boar of Alba and by the touch of the Sacred Dances themselves, particularly the Dance of Showing the Memory, which presses itself upon them so that they might remember … their past together … and their Purpose.

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