Alba – Time and Place


Time and Place … meet Talitha and the Golden Boar of Alba

Talitha and the Golden Boar of Alba
Talitha and the Golden Boar of Alba

As the title page tells, Alba is a “A Mystic and Shamanic Fantasy of the Dawning of Scotland”. This mystical and shamanic story takes place in the years 839 CE and 840 CE – though as the story tells these are the years “tallied as the Nazarenes understand and tally the turning of the years”. Scotland becomes a named kingdom, and a name that endures to this day, around about the year 843, when Kenneth MacAlpin (Kenneth son of Alpin) is crowned king. Kenneth (in Alba he is called Kenneath) and King Alpin are both characters in the story.

The Tribe of Alba the Beautiful – King Eoghann, Ard-Rigd (King) of Alba the Beautiful and his Queen Caisseaid, Talitha, the Weaver Women of Inverness, Mora and Duancan, Soay, Daughter of Caisseaid, the mysterious and magnificent Golden Boar of Alba, and all the others of Eoghann’s kingdom – are of the people that historians have named “The Picts”. This is how the Epilogue to Alba begins –

“The ways of the people of Alba – whom historians have called the Picts for many generations of writing history, even though they did not, themselves, call their own name as “Picts” – quickly disappeared. No texts in any language of these people of Alba have ever been found. There remain in the archeological record some marvelous artifacts, carvings and glyphs – but not so many of these at all.”

And so … the heartland and the shores of Alba the Beautiful become the backdrop and the foreground, both, to this sweeping story. A story that is mystic, shamanic, romantic, and heroic. A story that is all about Love of Mother EAerth and all upon Her Breast, endings (of lives and kingdoms), how to live a life of honor while all the time becoming more and more aware that each of us is just one Thread of Life Woven upon the Great Loom of All Things.

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