The Goddess and the Big Bang

In these magical realism stories we meet the most famous woman astronomer in the world, who believes that The Big Bang is The Goddess, and her cat, Maree, who counts the stars. And Luna who works at SETIL, the search for extraterrestrial intelligent littleCats. And the cats who help build the Ark the time the animals built it and not the people. And the marmalade cat who appears in our realm at a children’s magic theatre show (out of a top hat, of course). And Namboodari who helps a stranger get in touch with an important past life. And when the Sun goes missing from the sky one day, Tavisha, the foremost expert in the theory and practice of hiding places, goes to search for Her. And Quinty, who is a companion to a retired Jungian Analyst. And of course, Bastet herself, the goddess of all Cats.

This collection of stories brings to life the mysterious, endearing, moving, loving, and yes, magical, side of cats and kittens, and the magical side of our life.

© rennie walker 2018